How to install Windows 10 Pro on Gigabyte EL-20


How to install Windows 10 Pro on Gigabyte EL-20

Hardware Requirements:
1. Gigabyte El-20
3. USB Flash Drives(8GB)

Optional :
1. Keyboard and Mouse
2. Monitor
3. HDMI Cable

Others :
1. Internet Connection

Download and Prepare USB Drive bootable
Windows 10 Pro – Windows 10 Pro ISO
Rufus –

Download from here
Rufus Create Bootable USB Drives

Writing the Image to the USB Drive

1. Plug in your USB Flash disk
2. Open Rufus
3. Insert your USB Drive and select it on the “Device” List
4. Select ISO Image next on the Create bootable disk using….
5. Click the icon beside the ISO Image to choose the Android ISO that you downloaded previously
6. Click “Start” and wait for the process to finish

now you have your bootable Windows 10 Pro USB Drive.

Installing the Windows 10 Pro

Plug your USB Drive on the Gigabyte El-20 to install Windows 10 Pro. Reboot the unit and press F10 or F12, it will get you to a BIOS settings. Select “Advanced” Tab and go into OS Selection.

Next, Select “Legacy System” and press Enter.

After you selected the “Legacy System”, go to “Boot” Tab and select your Windows 10 Pro bootable drive for Boot Option #1.

Go to Save and Exit and select “yes”

When the PC restarts, it will now boot on your Windows 10 Pro Installer on the Flash Disk.
In the first window you can select your Language and Click Next.

Next Screen just Click “Install Now”

Next it will ask you to enter your Product Key. Just click “skip” beside the Next Button.

Next, check the checkbox to “I accept the liscense terms” and click “Next”.

Next will ask you “Which type of installation do you want?” Just click “Custom Install Windows only(advanced)”.

After selecting Custom Install it will ask you again “Where do you want to install Windows?”. Now, Select your eMMC 32GB Built-in Card and click “Next”

Next will be the Windows installation process. Just wait until its done.

When done installing the installer will automatically restart. Don’t forget to remove your USB Flash disk before it will restart.

Wait for the process… When your PC boots up it will ask you to Enter your Product Key, just click “Do this Later” below.

Next to plug in your Internet Connection(LAN) or you can just connect using WIFI. Next screen just click “Use Express Settings”

Next the installer will get its update. Wait for the process to finish.

After the updates your PC will reboot. Next it will ask you “Who owns this PC?” just click “I own it” and click “Next”

Next it will as you to login your Microsoft Account, your Number or Skype. Just click “skip this step”

Next step is to Create your account for this PC. Type your desired PC name and assign password if you want then click “Next”

Now wait for the PC to finish installing.

And now your done installing your Windows 10 Pro on your Gigabyte El-20 PC.

Thanks and Enjoy!!

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